The box is made of pine, the entire has been painted with acrylic paint to accent the colors used in the sweetheart bird. Handpainted wood accents have been securely added to the front and top of the box that accent the box nicely! Small bronze metal "Tweet" letters have been added to the bottom of the heart - makes a sweet little statement. The bottom inside of the box has been painted wtih a silver metallic acrylic paint, which gives it a nice sheen. The box measures 5-1/4" x 5-1/4" x 2-3/4" and the cross stitched sweetheart bird has been carefully mounted inside of the lid. Underneath the sweetheart bird, some batting was used to give it a lift, a puffy feel and a somewhat three dimensional feel. The box opens easily and latches closed easily. The entire box has been varnished with a satin uv finish for protection.


The bottom of the box has been signed and dated by the artist.

Tweet Keepsake Box

  • The last photo represents what this box can hold. In the photo, twenty-four tea bags fit nicely in the box (with a little room to spare).