The piece measures 5" round x 1/2" and the entire design has been hand cross stitched on an oatmeal colored canvas. It has been "framed" in an untraditional frame, an embroidery hoop! The hoop has been left untreated and it compliments the colors used in the design. The back of the piece is completely finished, is ready to hang with a single nail from the top of the enclosure, is very light weight and it looks great in person! For more information on the Cheeseburger Bird, please see the description to the right.


The back of the piece has been initialed and dated by the artist.

Tahoe Cheeseburger Bird I

  • One of the first signs of summer in Tahoe is the sounds of the infamous, Cheeseburger Bird, also known as the Mountain Chickadee. The bird is native not only to Tahoe, but the entire Sierra Nevada. What makes this bird so awesome is that when it belts out its three-syllable chirp, it sounds like it's saying, "cheeseburger"! So, the next time you're in Tahoe during the summer, listen up for that Cheeseburger Bird!