The feather is made of pine, measures approximately 15" x 5-1/2" x 1/4" and is a nice weight. It's been painted with acrylic paint and many layers of color have been used. Lots and lots of back and forth strokes give the feathery look and the top edge has been accented with white paint - it makes the other colors really pop! The inside opening of the feather, outside edges and back have been painted black. The entire feather has been varnished with a satin uv finish for protection and two sawtooth hangers have been attached on the back (so that this piece can be hung on the wall from either end).


The back of the feather has been titled, signed and dated by the artist.

Feather Of Change

  • The base color used for "Feather Of Change" is orange and the properties associated with an orange feather are the following: the sacral chakra, energy, change, optimism, keeping positive, ambition, success, independence, new ideas; just to name a few.