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Our Instagram and Facebook accounts are active and we're slowly building up our following - we hope you'll join us! Just click the icons (above) that's located on all of the pages within our site.

About the collective

About  Cathy:

A self-taught artist and maker who's full time job is just that, and it's a job she loves! Although she is best known for her Dia De Los Muertos art, (to learn more about her Dia De Los Muertos art, please click HERE) the art she creates for Handmade Mantra is completely different. The art is centered around the universe, nature, the female spirit, animals and her surroundings.  She creates most of her art with acrylic paint on mediums that include: canvas, wood and paper mache. While painting on canvas is her first love, she loves to create useful objects, such as wood and paper mache boxes, unique ornaments for everyday and holidays, sweet little buttons, reproduction prints and her own unique note cards. Cathy is a southern California native, a recent transplant to Reno, Nevada and is doing what she loves to do - CREATE!


About Sue: 

Sue is a self-taught artist and maker who currently has a full time job. When she's off  the 9 to 5 grind, she  likes to hand craft her creations in her spare time and on the weekends. She has a passion for creating one-of-a-kind, useful and wearable objects. Most days  you can find her at her embroidery machine putting together unique designs that are full of color! The end result can vary from  being a ready to wear piece of clothing, a decadent hand towel, a fabulous pillow cover and home decor. Not only that, but, she has a passion for jewelry making as well. She applies the same concept to  her jewelry making as she does her embroidery: creating one-of-a-kind pieces not to be found anywhere else. 

Sue is a southern California native and recent transplant to Reno, Nevada.

About Susan:

Simply put, she's the boss of Handmade Mantra and we wouldn't have it any other way! While she is certainly a creative in her own right; the girl can cook (in our book, that is an art!) and is currently getting her feet wet in fiber arts (more on that soon). Susan currently has a full time job that keeps her very busy, even in her off hours. When time allows, she helps us out with her great ideas,  keeps us organized, on the right track and helps to get us and our creations "out there". 

Susan is a southern California native and has lived in North Lake Tahoe, Nevada for the last 20+ years. 

Handmade Mantra consists of three women:
two who enjoy creating and the other who enjoys getting our creations out the door, for all to see!

handmade is our mantra!

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