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Handmade Mantra is the creation of three women, established in January 2017,  who hand make quality things - using paint, canvas, paper, thread, embellishments, beads,  jewels, and more. We are all artists, creators and doers, living and working in the Reno|Tahoe area of Nevada. We all like to make beautiful objects using, whenever we can, local products. We buy locally made raw items, transform them and are now ready to share our locally made items with you.

Handmade Mantra launched this website in January 2017 and has been steadily building and tweaking the site - we hope you enjoy it! We are slowly adding our creations to our shop and hope that you will consider buying handmade. To check out our latest additions, mouse over the 'Shop' tab and then click on which category you'd like to browse.

Our intentions are positive and we will offer interesting objects of art for  the home, to wear and to gift. As we grow, our intentions are to bring in others that we feel understand our concept (thus "An Art Collective").

This is exciting to us, and we hope, exciting for you! We hope our handmade items inspire you, engages you, and in a small way, uplifts you. This is our adventure and we hope you will jump on board with us and support Handmade Mantra!

handmade is our mantra!

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Our Instagram and Facebook accounts are active and we're slowly building up our following - we hope you'll join us! Just click the icons (above) that's located on all of the pages within our site.

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